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Stromboli Tourist Information

Further details on the Island of Stromboli

Public Services :

- Carabinieri (Police) - Guardia di finanza (Italian Finance Police) - Forest rangers - Civil defence – Pharmacy - Emergency doctor service - Post office - Banks (ATM) - Sport facilities - Air cylinder recharge

stromboli portoThe island of Stromboli has a surface of 12.6 Km2. Due to its shape, Stromboli was called Strongyle (spinning top) in ancient times.

It is with no doubt a fascinating and mysterious island especially thanks to its famous volcano which dominates from its 926 meters (3,037 ft.) and which is perpetually active. People can live on the island only because the volcanic material flows exclusively on the Sciara del fuoco on the north-east side of the island.

stromboli portoThere are almost no streets, the landscape is wild and the volcano shows its presence with plumes of fire and incandescent lapilli. All these elements strangely attract visitors.

Well described in Rossellini’s movie “Stromboli terra di Dio” (1950), which highlights the difficulty to live in such a hard land, this island is one of the most fascinating and striking destinations of this archipelago.

The villages of San Vincenzo and San Bartolo in the north-east side of the island form the town of Stromboli.  On the southern coast, there is Ginostra, a village which is completely isolated from the rest of the island and that can be reached only by sea.

Strombolicchio is a small island located at 1.6 Km north of Stromboli. In 1926 a lighthouse was established here and can be reached via a 200 steps stair.

Climbing up to the crater: eruptions are more striking when viewed in the dark, we thus suggest you to climb up during the afternoon and come back in the night (don’t forget a flashlight). The walking excursion to the top of the volcano lasts around three hours. In some places it is quite hard, so we recommend it only to well trained walkers. Two years after the famous eruption that caused an anomalous wave, visitors can only climb up to a certain point, which is considered safe.

eruzioni a stromboliIn Stromboli you can contact the local authorised guides and rent all the necessary equipment. The suggested equipment includes trekking shoes (to be preferred to gym shoes),  a flashlight, a pair of long trousers, a bottle of water and a spare t-shirt.

Don’t forget a light windcheater or a fleece because in the night the temperature on the top of the mountain decreases noticeably.

colate di lava
The excursion to Stromboli’s crater is a unique and fascinating experience during which you can admire an astonishing show of the nature. 

By climbing on a track offering unforgettable landscapes and panoramic views, you get in the presence of one of the few active volcanoes in the world.

The explosive activity can be watched from a distance of a few hundred meters: a series of thunderous explosions with incandescent lapilli thrown in the air is a show that makes you forget the long walk.

tipico viottolo di GinostraNight excursion by boat - This is probably the best way to appreciate all the different characteristics of this island:  the impressive steep slope of the Sciara del Fuoco and the nightly recurring volcanic eruptions with the red incandescent lapilli visible against the black sky giving birth to wonderful natural fireworks.

Both the climbing to the crater and the excursion by boat can be booked through our booking centre. Carsare not allowed to circulate in Stromboli, but on the island you can rent  scooters and mountain bikes.